Division (n): a major unit or section of an organization, typically one handling a particular kind of work.

What are divisions at NT@B?

Long story short: it's where the magic happens

Our four divisions are dynamic groups of ten to twenty students supported by two leads. These are the teams that build brain-reading apps, connect with major industry powers, and write Medium's leading essays.

What's more, divisions exist as much for each other as they do for themselves. Our writers inspire our coders and our tinkerers push for outreach events. They pool their resources to teach valuable skills. Learning, building, and exploring together: this is the heart of Neurotech@Berkeley.


But we also make sure to have fun

Stick around, and you'll see that our divisions are tight-knit communities. After all, each is full of people who have laughed and struggled together while writing, coding, and creating. In the course of all this, many of us have become close friends.

In some ways, establishing a diverse and inclusive community is much more challenging than bringing talented people together to create something incredible. Yet this is something that every NT@B member would say is integral to why they stay.


Introducing the Divisions


Neurotechnology's potential to improve lives is unmatched. Neurotech@Berkeley's software division is committed to building innovative, impactful software solutions to big problems.

Each year, we participate in our parent organization NeurotechX's Open Challenge where we are tasked with using EEG data to build a software-based solution to a neuroscience problem. We are currently working on a variety of software based projects ranging from learning tools to music selection.

  • Lead: Reuben Thomas and Adit Shah
  • Profile: A motley crew of coders and biologists trying to understand brains.




Products for the mind, by the mind. Neurotech@Berkeley’s devices division aims to help members develop the skills to design products for the future.

The main focus of the club is to participate in our parent organization NeurotechX's fixed challenge, but we are open to any new and interesting hardware projects that we could enter into the open challenge as well!

  • Leads: Riley Hernandez and Phil Xie
  • Profile: Golden bears creating hardwares.


The consulting division delivers neurotech-reliant solutions to external partners.

Division leads are project managers who empower teams of five to six consultants. Division members are some of NT@B’s best developers, designers, and leaders. In the past, NT@B has built EEG-reliant education apps and worked with companies whose products have neurotech use cases. If you are interested in working with us, please shoot us an email at contact@neurotech.berkeley.edu.

  • Lead: Jerry O'Connor


Neurotech@Berkeley's operations division connects our budding talent with neurotechnology's greatest minds in academia and industry.

We build the pathway for ideas, software, and hardware to flow between us and the outside world.

  • Leads: Daniela Mercado, Emma Cao, Ramanjot Bains, and Sarah Wang
  • Profile: Organizing organisms operating opportunistically.


The world of neurotechnology changes as fast as thought. Neurotech@Berkeley's publications division covers the latest in the industry, writing on bioethics, data privacy, and technical innovations.

On Medium, Publications has been recognized as a Top Writer in Innovation and has over 20,000 followers. Its semesterly open-source publication, MIND, is a unique creative forum where dedicated writers dive deep into topics ranging from the neuroscience of death to the uses and consequences of brain implants- complete with stunning graphics and high-quality research.

  • Leads: Shobhin Logani and Aileen Xia
  • Profile: A bunch of CS/MCB majors turned newspaper nerds.

Medium blog



As the field of neurotechnology grows, student interest and learning opportunities increase.

Neurotech@Berkeley’s education division seeks to spread knowledge and passion for neurotech through a student-led DeCal, Intro to Neurotechnology. It’s currently being offered in the Fall 2023 semester.

  • Leads: Parth Desai, Neda Bahrani, and Amelia Lubelska
  • Profile: Nurturing neurotech newcomers.